Winter Driving Tips (2020)

When the chilly temperatures of winter set in, will your vehicle be ready for the cold?

Before You Go

Get Your Car Serviced - Visit your mechanic for a tune-up and ask them to check for leaks, badly worn hoses, or other needed parts, repairs, and replacements.

Check for Recalls - NHTSA’s Recalls Look-up Tool lets you enter a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to quickly learn if your vehicle has a critical safety issue that has not been repaired, and how to get that repair done for FREE. Check

OWNER’S MANUAL - Know Your Car  - Read your vehicle’s manual to familiarize yourself with the safety features on your vehicle—such as antilock brakes and electronic stability control— and how the features perform in wintry conditions. When renting a car, become familiar with the vehicle before driving it off the lot.

Plug It In - For electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, minimize the drain on the
battery. If the vehicle has a thermal heating pack for the battery, plug
your vehicle in whenever it’s not in use. Start your vehicle and preheat
the interior before you unplug your vehicle in the morning.

MAIN STREET - Plan Your Travel and Route - Before heading out, make sure to check the weather, road conditions, and traffic. Don’t rush through your trip, and allow plenty of time to get to your destination safely. And always familiarize yourself with directions and maps before you go, even if you use a GPS system, and let others know your route and anticipated arrival time.

There's also a Vehicle Safety Check List go to:

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