2021 Drink Responsibly, Even From Home…

Activity restrictions are making 2020 look a little different than expected. A new at-home routine may affect drinking habits, so encourage friends and family members to stay on track with their health goals by drinking responsibly. Share these tips on how to monitor drinking habits from home and create a safer drinking routine:

  • Check your drinking habits. The first step to monitoring your drinking is to understand your drinking habits. Notice how you’re doing and set a goal.
  • Stay on track. Mark down each drink before you have it. Make sure your drink recipes stay within the standard drink limits.
  • Team up with a buddy. If you decide to cut back on drinking, do it with a buddy and try other activities together instead of drinking (like a virtual workout).
  • Slow down on stocking up. If you’re looking for ways to drink in moderation, buy smaller amounts of alcohol. Also, consider swapping out booze for fizzy drinks like flavored sparkling water or non-alcoholic beers.
  • Pair with plenty of water. Remember to drink a glass of water with every alcoholic drink. This will help you practice responsible drinking and enjoy the drinks you have.


FACT:   Consider if your drinking tolerance has changed. Your tolerance might be lowerfrom  staying home and not going out as much (and that’s okay!). Think about how alcohol may affect you and remember standard drink sizes so you can make smart drinking decisions.

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