2021 Heatstroke Prevention

National Child Heatstroke Prevention campaign runs April28, 2021 thru September 26, 2021 

Heatstroke is one  of the leading causes of vehicular not-in-traffic non-crash-related deaths for children under 14. In fact, each year, an average of 39 children have died from heatstroke since 1998.

Sadly, these are the current statistics:
- Child vehicular heatstroke fatalities in 2020 = 24
- Child vehicular heatstroke fatalities in 2019 = 52
- Child vehicular heatstroke fatalities in 2018 = 53

Yet, this tragedy is 100% preventable.

While it seems like an impossible mistake to make, every parent or caregiver can potentially become distracted, and distractions often fuel this devastating situation. No one is immune.

We each have a role to play to help keep our kids safe. Help us share life-saving tips and resources with as many people as we can.

Take Action. Act Fast. Save a Life.

Click here to get your Heatstroke Prevention Toolkit.

~From NHTSA and TSM

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