Crash Preventability Determination Program

The new Crash Preventability Determination Program (CPDP) from FMCSA allows motor carriers and drivers to submit Requests for Data Review (RDRs) through DataQs for 16 specific crash types.

Development of this program is based on the Agency’s experience with the previous demonstration program that examined feasibility, costs, and benefits of determining and displaying the preventability of eight crash types.

Eligible Crashes that occurred on or after August 1, 2019 are eligible. RDRs are being accepted by FMCSA .  If the CPDP determines the crash to be Not Preventable, they will not will not be included in the carrier’s Crash Indicator BASIC but will be displayed separately in the Safety Measurement System. Only not preventable crashes will be noted on the Pre-Employment Screening Program.

Preventability determinations made through the CPDP will not affect a carrier’s safety rating or ability to operate—nor will these determinations change how the Agency makes enforcement decisions.

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