Distracted Driving Prevention App

CellGuardians is a new Android app that eliminates distracted driving caused by cell phones.  It was created by Mike Ihrig, CEO, MI Technical Solutions, a global IT and engineering woman-owned small business in Chesapeake, Virginia.  The majority of MITS employees are veterans.

CellGuardians is a unique app that turns on automatically when it detects the user is in motion, whether in the car, bicycling, skateboarding, or walking.  It reminds the user to stay focused on the road and keep the phone down.

CellGuardians allow the user to select some apps to remain open while driving, such as a map and navigation apps and allows the user to exit when there is an emergency.  CellGuardians has a patented web application that can be used by parents and employers to monitor and manage their teen drivers or their fleet drivers for safety.


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