GIT Seat Belt Challenge

2020-2021  Get It Together High School Seat Belt Challenge

Get It Together High School Seat Belt Challenge is a program led by Drive Safe Hampton Roads and supported by other traffic safety groups.  Local high schools compete to raise students’ awareness of the importance of wearing seat belts every time they ride in a vehicle.

Participants use a variety of strategies to encourage their fellow students to “Buckle Up!”.  Tactics included pledge drives during lunch bells and having the Grim Reaper “take” a student every 15 minutes during the school day.  Other efforts include making buckle up videos and developing cheers to be used at sporting events.

The Get It Together Challenge is in its 24th year in the Hampton Roads area and has been successful in increasing seat belt use each year.  Over 700,000 students have been touched by this program.


Challenge Materials

2019-2020 - Program Description
2019-2020 - Challenge Kit with Rules & Guidelines
2019-2020 - Seat Belt Check Instructions & Form
2019-2020 - Seat Belt Check Form (Form Only)
2019-2020 - Instructions for GIT Costume/Video Request
2019-2020 - Costume/Video Request Form - Fillable
2019-2020 - Photo Release Form - Fillable
2019-2020 - Pledge Cards (10 Cards)
2019-2020 - Pledge Card (Single Card)
2019-2020 - Pledge Signature Form
2019-2020 - Baseline Data
2019-2020 - Midway Report
2019-2020 - Video Judging Guidelines
2019-2020 - Midway Point Tally
2019-2020 - Final Report - electronic template
2019-2020 - Final Results

  • GIT General Pictures-2017
  • Hickory High Get It Together Challenge-edited
  • Bruton High Get It Together Challenge
  • GIT General Pictures-2017
  • GIT General Pictures-2017
  • 2019-20-GIT-woodrow-wilson-02A

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