Virginia Specialized Transportation Safety and Management Conference

The 2019 conference was Thursday, April 25, 2019 and was held at Quality Suites & Sleep Inn @ Lake Wright, 6280 Northampton Blvd., Norfolk, VA 23502.


Sessions/Displays:  Sessions covered a variety of topics interests, including:

  • What's Happening in FMCSA?
  • Commercial Vehicle Crash Reconstruction
  • The Ins and Outs of School Bus Safety
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspection - Demonstration
  • Virginia State Police’s Plan for the Future in Transportation Safety
  • Traffic Management at Truck Incidents
  • Homeland Safety / Security and the Trucking Industry
  • Division of Motor Vehicles and Legislative Issues involving the Motor Carrier Industry
  • Human Trafficking and  How it Involves the Trucking Industry

Speakers included Craig Feister (USDOT/Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), First Sergeant Jeffrey Jones (Virginia State Police), Myrna Banks (Norfolk Public Schools), Sgt. Larry Montgomery (Virginia State Police), Captain Ronald C. Maxey, Jr. (Virginia State Police),Phil Fonner (VDOT) and James Stanek (VDOT), William D. Williams (US Department of Homeland Security/Transportation Security Administration) Joseph F. Lopez (US Department of Homeland Security/Transportation Security Administration), Wayne Davis (Department of Motor Vehicles), and Ebony E. Velazquez (Office of the Attorney General).

Equipment, supplies, and demonstrations were on display at the Conference.  Displays highlighted some of the issues discussed during the various sessions and enabled participants to get a first-hand look at emerging technology and available resources.

Check back for information on the 2021 Virginia Specialized Transportation Safety and Management Conference.