The John T. Hanna Awards: Recognizing Traffic Safety Excellence in Hampton Roads

Yes, it is almost time to submit nominations for the 2018 Hanna Awards!

In 1991, Concerned Citizens Advocating Traffic Safety (the previous name of Drive Safe HR) instituted the JOHN T. HANNA AWARDS. Named after Virginia’s “Father of Transportation Safety”, these awards honor those who share Mr. Hanna’s tireless dedication and commitment to improving traffic safety on Virginia’s highways.


Lifetime Safety Achievement Award: Presented for lifetime achievement in the area of transportation safety.

Employer Safety: Presented for employers who have taken the extra initiative to promote traffic safety and encourage their employees to practice safe driving behaviors.

Martin H. Schlosser Award for Traffic Safety Activism: Presented for outstanding efforts in educating citizens and changing attitudes and behavior regarding transportation safety.

Roadway Innovations: Individuals and/or organizations that show exemplary achievement in the design and/or implementation of highway engineering techniques will also be considered for this award.

Impaired Driving Prevention: Presented for encouraging the prevention of drunk and/or drugged driving.

Law Enforcement Initiatives: Presented to a law enforcement department or individual who has shown extra initiative to promote and encourage traffic safety in their community.

Legal: Presented to attorneys, judges, or legislators who have actively supported safety issues thus strengthening existing laws and creating new laws.

Media: Presented to media representatives or a news outlet that has helped spread the word about traffic safety through fair and accurate reporting or programming.

Occupant Protection: Presented for promoting and encouraging the use of safety belts and/or child safety seats through creative and innovative programs and activities.

Public Transportation Safety: Presented for contributions made in educating drivers and riders about safety on public transportation.

Pupil Transportation Safety: Presented for encouraging, educating, and/or promoting safety in pupil transportation thus improving safety for drivers and riders.

Youth Traffic Safety: Presented to persons or programs educating youth and spreading the message on the importance of youth traffic safety.

Eligibility: Any individual, business, organization, or governmental agency in the Hampton Roads and Eastern Shore area, which promotes community traffic safety, i.e. sober driving, use of safety belts, bicycle / pedestrian safety, etc. is eligible for nomination. The 2017 John T. Hanna Award Winners are not eligible for 2018 nomination. Eligible activities, programs or materials are those that were initiated, completed, published, or produced in the period from October 1, 2017  to September 30, 2018

The 2017 Recipients included the following:
Karen Pyle – Lifetime Achievement / **Columbia Gas of Virginia - Employer Safety
**Tanya Deckard - Martin H. Schlosser Award for Traffic Safety Activism
Travis Aicher - Impaired Driving Prevention / Capital Concrete, Inc. - Occupant Protection
Suffolk Police Department - Law Enforcement Initiatives (Rt 58 study)
Hampton Police Department and Yellow Cab of Hampton - Public Transportation Safety
Norfolk Public Schools Transportation Department - Pupil Transportation Safety
Poquoson High School’s Arrive Alive Club (Gloria Insley, Club Sponsor) - Youth Traffic Safety

** = Governor’s Safety Award Winners

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