Vehicle Manufacturers Make Strides on Latch Ease of Use from IIHS

According to  Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), nearly 75% of 2019 vehicles have LATCH hardware that rates good or acceptable for usability, as automakers continue making advances that help parents and caregivers correctly install child restraints.

Today, twenty-one vehicles earn the top rating of good+, Thirty-three are rated good, and eighty-eight rate acceptable.

IIHS research has shown that child restraints installed with LATCH are more likely to be put in correctly than restraints installed using the vehicle seat belt.

Two LATCH positions in the second row must satisfy all five requirements to obtain a decent rating, and a third tether anchor must satisfy both tether requirements.

The good+ rating is for vehicles that meet the criteria for a good rating and provide additional LATCH-equipped seating positions.

Vehicles that receive a good+ rating meet the criteria for a good rating and provide added LATCH-equipped seating positions.

LATCH can be used in the center position in many cars with lower anchors in the second-row outboard seating positions by "borrowing" one anchor from each side.

"A three-row vehicle must have an additional good or acceptable LATCH position (without borrowing) and tether anchors in all rear seating positions in order to earn a good+ rating."

The additional tether anchors must satisfy at least one of the two criteria
for the tether anchor.

Seven of Toyota's 26 rated cars and its luxury Lexus brand receive a good+
rating, while seven other cars receive a good rating.

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