Remembering Justin D. Tindall

Justin D. Tindall, formerly Senior Police Officer of the Chesapeake Police Department passed away Thursday, January 21, 2021.  

In 2008, Officer Justin D. Tindall was in the Chesapeake Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement Section. He won a John T. Hanna Award for Law Enforcement Initiatives. And although enforcement is the Department’s primary tool to combat dangerous driving, Officer Tindall readily recognized the importance of education and community interaction. He frequently volunteered to address highway safety at high schools, at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital, and the United States Navy warships. In 2008 reportable crashes decreased 12%, injuries dropped 16%, and traffic fatalities were 36% less than in 2007. While Officer Tindall was not solely responsible for this decrease in crashes, his enforcement and education efforts certainly played an important role.    

Justin Dean Tindall Obituary

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