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Occupant Protection Committee


The Occupant Protection Committee develops programs to educate the public about occupant protection issues. Occupant Protection includes the Get It Together (GIT) High School Seat Belt Challenge, and the Old, Used, Borrowed and Abused Child Safety Seat Round-Up.


Occupant Protection Programs

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Impaired Driving Prevention Committee


The Impaired Driving Prevention Committee leads in the development of programs and functions to educate the public regarding the dangers of driving impaired such as alcohol/drug use aggressive driving distracted and fatigued driving.  Impaired Driving Prevention includes 757 Sober Ride, Good Times Guide Posters, and Intoxiclock®.


Impaired Driving Prevention Programs


  • 2019 Virginia Specialized Transportation Safety & Management Conference
  • 2019 Virginia Specialized Transportation Safety and Management Conference
  • 2019 Virginia Specialized Transportation Safety and Management Conference
  • Monster Fire Truck

Specialized Transportation Safety Committee


The Specialized Transportation Safety Committee is a committee that focuses on promoting safe movement practices and traffic safety within the motor carrier community.  Events include Driver Appreciation Days, public education and awareness, overweight/over-dimensional permitting information, Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspection Events, Basic Truck Weighing Classes, and general motor carrier safety.  Several subcommittees address specific areas of traffic safety and the motor carrier community, i.e., Law Enforcement.

Specialized Transportation Safety Programs

  • 2011 John T Hanna Awards
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  • 2005 John T Hanna Awards

John T. Hanna Awards Committee


Many people and organizations in Hampton Roads are doing tremendous work in the fight to reduce death and injury on our highways.  For 32 years, the JOHN T. HANNA AWARDS recognizes these safety advocates who promote community traffic safety.


John T. Hanna Awards Program