Specialized Transportation Safety Programs & Events

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Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspection Event

Area law enforcement work to ensure that Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV) are traveling safely throughout Virginia.  Commercial Motor Law Enforcement Units regularly conduct roadside safety inspections on CMVs and follow a thorough process to make sure both the driver and CMV are compliant with state and federal regulations.  Vehicles and drivers that fail to meet these regulations may be placed out of service and cannot continue operating until they comply with the regulations.  Members of Drive Safe Hampton Road’s Specialized Transportation Safety Law Enforcement Subcommittee come together each month to conduct joint inspections and training.  

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Driver Appreciation Days

Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Appreciation Day is an event that brings Drive Safe Hampton Roads and Hampton Roads’ law enforcement motor carrier teams together to distribute goodies during an “alternate type” of roadway safety regulation stop.  These events are held at the beginning of the busy winter season to promote highway safety.

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Basic Truck Weighing 101

Basic Truck Weighing 101 is training for active law enforcement officers, prosecuting attorneys, hauling permit technicians, and agents of size and weight laws.