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Do you have an interest in any aspect of traffic safety including: Seat Belt Safety, Alcohol/Impaired Driving, Child Safety Seats, Motor Carrier Safety, Aggressive Driving Issues, Corporate Traffic Safety, Distracted Driving Issues, Senior Drivers, Military Driving Issues, Traffic Safety Legislation, Novice Driving Issues, and Other Traffic Safety Topics?  Become part of this action-oriented organization.

Membership is open to anyone interested in preventing death and injury on our highways.  Join Drive Safe HR


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High School Seat Belt Challenge

Get It Together High School Seat Belt Challenge is a program led by Drive Safe Hampton Roads and supported by other traffic safety groups.  Local high schools compete to raise students’ awareness of the importance of wearing seat belts every time they ride in a vehicle.

Participants use a variety of strategies to encourage their fellow students to “Buckle Up!”  Tactics included pledge drives during lunch bells and having the Grim Reaper “take” a student every 15 minutes during the school day.  Other efforts include making buckle up videos and developing cheers to be used at sporting events.

The Get It Together Challenge has positively influenced the traffic safety habits of over 850,000 students in Hampton Roads.

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Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Appreciation Day

Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Appreciation Day is an event that brings Drive Safe Hampton Roads and Hampton Roads’ law enforcement motor carrier teams together to distribute goodies during an “alternate type” of roadway safety regulation stop.  These events are held at the beginning of the busy winter and summer season to promote highway safety.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Appreciation Day began on the Southside in 1993. 

This year the Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Appreciation Day will be held at the I-664 Monitor Merrimac Tunnel Inspection Station in Suffolk, VA.

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Impaired Driving Prevention Events

Impaired Driving Prevention events include programs to educate the public regarding the dangers of driving impaired, such as alcohol/drug use, underage drinking, aggressive driving, fatigued, and distracted driving.  Members also participate in 757 Sober Ride and community events.

The Intoxiclock® is an interactive tool used to demonstrate visually how drinking different types and amounts of alcoholic beverages raises a person’s Blood Alcohol Concentration (B.A.C.) given their weight, gender and drinking pattern and the time it takes for the body to metabolize that alcohol.  Drive Safe Hampton Roads uses this interactive tool at conferences, festivals, and company related events.

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John T. Hanna Awards

In 1991, (30 years) Concerned Citizens Advocating Traffic Safety instituted the John T. Hanna Awards.  Named after Virginia’s “Father of Transportation Safety” these awards honor those who share Mr. Hanna’s tireless dedication and commitment to improving traffic safety on Virginia's highways.

John T. Hanna remains the cornerstone of transportation safety, as we know it today.  The unparalleled zeal for safety that hallmarks his career is an inspiration to every parent, police officer, judge, teacher, and citizen who is committed to saving lives through traffic safety.

If you know of an individual or organization working to impact the reduction of death and injury on your highways, you are invited to submit nominations to recognize these outstanding traffic safety advocates - The JOHN T. HANNA Awards: Recognizing Traffic Safety Excellence in Hampton Roads