Child Safety Seat Round-Up

Old, Used, Borrowed, and Abused Child Safety Seat Round-up serves to educate parents and caregivers about the possible dangers of using car seats that are over eight years old, have been purchased from a thrift store or yard sale, have parts missing, or have no traceable recall information.  For these reasons, people are urged to “round-up” their old safety seats and turn them in for a “reward” throughout the month of February.

All collected safety seats are recycled by Waste Management.  Not only does recycling these seats eliminate the potential danger to children, but it also provides positive benefits to the community by utilizing a “greener” alternative for disposal.

Drive Safe Hampton Roads reminds parents and caregivers that Virginia law requires all children under the age of eight to be properly restrained in an approved Department of Transportation (DOT) child restraint.  This law applies to any driver, not just the parent or guardian, in any vehicle, on any highway in Virginia.  In addition, all children ages eight through seventeen years of age must be properly restrained in a safety belt, while seated in any seating position in a vehicle.

For over 32 years, Drive Safe Hampton Roads has been dedicated to preventing crashes, injuries, and fatalities on the region’s roadways.

Due to current corona virus restrictions (COVID-19) and for the safety of our community the 2021 Old, Used, Borrowed, and Abused Child Safety Seat Round-up is canceled.



2022 Round-Up Coming

February 2022

 Click here to download Round-Up Drop-Off Locations