2023 August – President’s Message

Keri Douglas MI Technical Solutions, Inc. 2022-2024 President, Drive Safe Hampton Roads


Dear Drive Safe Hampton Roads members:

In its 35th year, Drive Safe Hampton Roads, with an extraordinary grassroots membership, has continued to serve the community with excellence in traffic safety education and programs for drivers of all ages.

We work proactively to reach out to parents with young children learn how to install child safety seats; provide safety reminders and inspections for truckers transporting goods; and educate young students learning how to drive.

Drive Safe Hampton Roads volunteers dedicate their time, expertise, and passion to ensure all drivers have the best education and support. They go where people live, work, or go to school. Overall, we reach more than 30,000 to 55,000 drivers of all ages in the region.

Together we make a difference. Every better driver, safer driver, and sober driver, helps bring us closer to less deaths and injuries on the road. Some of our key programs include:

  • Get It Together (GIT) for Hampton Roads students
  • John T. Hanna Awards for Excellence in Traffic Safety
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Appreciation Days and Regional Inspections
  • Child Safety Seat Checks and the Old, Used, Borrowed and Abused Child Safety Seat Round-Up
  • Sponsoring Sober 757 Rides on major holidays

Join us as a member and be a part of our Drive Safe Hampton Road’s team. Share with your colleagues, family, and friends a few driver safety tips:

  • Always wear your seat belt, no matter where you sit in the car.
  • Slow down. There is no meeting worth your life or a serious injury.
  • Put your phone away while driving. It is the law.
  • Slowdown in work zones. It is the law.
  • Slow down and move over when you see an incident on the road.
  • Give first responders and traffic safety officials a safe space to respond to incidents.

More than anything, appreciate the men and women who serve the community when drivers need help on the road, whether they are law enforcement, transportation officials, first responders, emergency incident command center officials, or traffic safety officials. Together, lives are saved, and our roads are safer.

It is an honor and privilege to serve as president of Drive Safe Hampton Roads for a second year. We have an extraordinary team working together to make the roads safer. You make a difference.

Thank you.


Keri Douglas

MI Technical Solutions, Inc.
2022-2024 President, Drive Safe Hampton Roads

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