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2021 Heatstroke Prevention

National Child Heatstroke Prevention campaign runs April28, 2021 thru September 26, 2021  Heatstroke is one  of the leading causes of vehicular not-in-traffic non-crash-related deaths for children under 14. In fact, each year, an average of 39 children have died from heatstroke since 1998. Sadly, these are the current statistics: - Child vehicular heatstroke fatalities in 2020…
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Teens and Speeding: Breaking the Deadly Cycle

Teens and Speeding: Breaking the Deadly Cycle, a new report from GHSA and Ford Motor Company Fund, highlights the significant role speeding plays in teen driver fatalities and offers practical tools to help parents rein in this lethal driving habit. Continue to GSA's website GHSA_TeenSpeeding_Feb16.pdf Teen Driver and Passenger Fatalities and Speeding-Related Fatalities by State…
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2021 Arrive Alive Campaign

 YOVASO is kicking off a safe spring and summer with the Arrive Alive Campaign in partnership with the Virginia State Police, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, and State Farm! Schools (Middle Schools and High Schools) and youth groups may participate anytime between April 5 and August 31, 2021. This free peer-to-peer driver and…
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