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2020 Heatstroke Prevention

National Child Heatstroke Prevention campaign starts July 1, 2020 Heatstroke is one  of the leading causes of vehicular not-in-traffic non-crash-related deaths for children under 14. In fact, each year, an average of 39 children have died from heatstroke since 1998. Sadly, these are the current statistics: - Child vehicular heatstroke fatalities in 2020 = 2 -…
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DMV: Highway Safety Office Update

The DMV, Highway Safety Office reported earlier, the May 2020 Click It or Ticket mobilization and supporting paid advertising is postponed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to allow law enforcement and first responder partners to respond to the current public health emergency. However, NHTSA has rescheduled the national CIOT campaign for November…
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Impact of COVID-19 on Upcoming Highway Safety Campaigns

NHTSA rescheduled the April 2020 Distracted Driving Month Campaign to October 5-12, 2020, and rescheduled its May 2020 National Click It Or Ticket (CIOT) mobilization to November 9-29, 2020 (media buy date and mobilization dates forthcoming), which we understand both occur after the current fiscal year. 2020 Virginia Law Enforcement Challenge Canceled - VACP's traffic safety…
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